Car Technologies For The Future

In recent times, we have been accustomed to being surrounded by gadgets that could have seemed fantasy sometimes back. This ranges from interconnected smartphones to fully functioning robots. We are at a time when the world is witnessing tremendous technological changes. But for a majority of us drivers, we are firmly stuck in the previous generation. Most of us drive cars that have not changed much over the years. Besides some new bells and whistles here and there. For instance car technology Australia is evolving, there’re developments that will tremendously radicalize how people drive and improve the driving experience.45t46yhthgbdfv

Projected technologies that are sure to impress once implemented fully

Augmented reality dashboards

Some time ago, the GPS technology seemed like a pipe dream, when you looked at the atlas or road map, but presently we are not far away from having a full navigation system built into the windscreen. It is said that this will have displays on different glasses which will show a host of information to the driver in real time.

The improved displays will not only display speed but also other driving features like; fuel gauge, parking sensors, and even rev counter. Through touch screen control, drivers will be able to control every function of their vehicle including headlights, windows air conditioning and even the radio. If all these are put in place, it could help improve drivability and also keep passengers and drivers safe.

Solar roadways

If implemented, this technology has the capability to change the world in a way that other technologies could only dream of. Not only will it charge electric cars wirelessly while driving, but also illuminate our roads while displaying dynamic traffic information.

It would make electric cars a true alternative to diesel and petrol powered cars. These will lead to a tremendous avoidance of having to deal with dangerous carbon emissions. One imagines the feeling of having not to refuel your car while driving on a fully illuminated road. However, questions have emerged about the economic viability of such technologies, and how the roads will be constructed and maintained.

Fully autonomous cars

t54yu67uiyuyhtrThis has been a speculation for a long time now, but these technology has been tested on the roads. Recent research has suggested that 20 years from today, nearly all the vehicle on the road will have the ability to drive themselves. Major companies like Google are trying to make one in the next five years. Thus making it a possibility that we could witness driverless vehicles on our roads early than we expected.

These cars will revolutionalise, how we navigate our motorways and roads. One major downfall of them is that they can’t differentiate a piece of rock and a piece of litter that has drifted into the road. They try driving around them.

External airbags

The majority of us have been involved in some form of an accident on the road, at times it costs a fortune on repairs. However, this could all change if external side airbags could be fitted to our cars. This will enable us to witness a dramatic reduction in the damage that the cars get.

If the above technologies come to pass, then sure, we are in for an improved driving experience.

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