Spy-ware And Viruses


While installing the right software for anti-virus and anti-hacking protection purposes, employing additional computer protection strategies is also important. These strategies help protect your computer against intrusion as you operate it and also protect your vital information in your computer system.

Strategies for general computer protection

Be careful when downloading anything to Your computer

esdfcgvbWhen downloading anything to your computer, make sure you its source is safe and you’re on a real web page belonging to that particular source when downloading the content.For the sake of protecting your computer, be aware that internet hackers are now establishing their “Fake” web pages, which look like real and genuine businesses to lure users in so that they can easily access vital information through downloads from their websites.

Avoid spam emails

Don’t be curious to open just any email in your inbox. If you don’t know where it came from, just ignore it. In most cases, emails received in an unsolicited way and especially those sent by someone you don’t know, the content usually involve links. Don’t click on any links you find within such emails. Sometimes, executable viruses are attached to what you may think is just a link to another website.

It’s risky to use the “Cloud” for storage

dxfcvbnThis is quite true because even places such as Dropbox and Google Drive can be hacked as well. In fact, cloud storage locations are the prime targets for Internet hackers these days.While these are the convenient data backup and storage locations for many people so if you prefer using them, it’s important only to send zipped or encrypted content up there for storage. It’s, therefore, important to encrypt your vital files on your personal computer first before storing them in the cloud.

Be careful with PDF Files from external sources

When it comes to PDF files that you receive from external sources, be careful when opening them. In the recent times, virus software creators and hackers have found this to be one of the effective platforms to send out their damage causing payloads.

Always update your Anti-Virus software

Update your anti-virus software regularly so that you are always protected against any newer viruses, which have been identified/dedicated and guarded against by the anti-virus software provider.

Concisely, if you want to know the authenticity of any email address when you’ve received an email, it’s advised to check it out by simply looking at its “Details” drop-down. Lastly, don’t use external storage devices on your computer without first scanning them using your anti-virus. This is also important as it may carry viruses from other computers.